So very current. All the bad guys are there, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia.
The corruption in our government, and all the alphabet services, the inefficient and easily corruptible election process. The easily manipulated investment industry, the foreign banking industry and of course the private security services and private armies for hire.
This is a very readable book and I always love authors that fictionalize current events.
A great read, great character development, you can visualize each character and are emotionally invested in their decisions and deaths.
You would think that this is a more male oriented read, but it is not. The female characters are super strong and of course sexy, but in a good way.

I now feel more like a pawn in the big picture. All current events and rallies and protests are a lot more suspect. Although we all knew they were orchestrated by outside interests and countries.
I strongly recommend this book and will be sending out that recommendation to several book clubs , friends, family and neighbors.

--Denise Rafferty, goodreads review