"Makes your heart beat faster—like a thriller should."

Lee Child

"Nothing short of jaw-dropping."

Nelson DeMille

"A gripping thriller"

Bill Browder

New York Times bestselling author of Red Notice


Noun, obscure, trans. from the Japanese
  1. 1. The currency of corruption,
    with the power to control individuals.
  2. 2. See also, blood money

“Money has wings,”

she told him. “It flies to where it is loved.”
But a cloud of money this size was dangerous.
It was the stuff of myth or legend, with the
capacity to
materialize into corporeal form...


when provoked.



disappears in the desert sands of Syria, only a small group of military operatives knows its ultimate destination or why it has been stolen.

Their goal is no less than the restoration of America’s military and economic preeminence on the global stage.

Arcing from Manhattan’s finest apartments to Washington, D.C., from Middle Eastern war zones to private European bank vaults, Jay Newman’s Undermoney is a filled with jaw-dropping action. Brilliantly rendered with details only a sophisticated financial insider knows, it reveals the secret intentions and savage deeds of the world’s richest people.




Jay Newman has worked in the field of international finance as a trader, investment banker, and investor for forty years.

During most of that time, he focused on investments in the defaulted debt of sovereign nations in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. Undermoney is his first novel.

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