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Jay Newman is an American novelist and a former hedge fund portfolio manager who led one of the most notable hedge fund trades in history.

His debut novel, about dark money and global politics, Undermoney, was published by Scribner Books on January 25, 2022.

Jay spent 40 years in international finance, with a primary focus on managing investments in sovereign debt, including the distressed sovereign debt of Latin American, Eastern European, African, and Asian countries.  He is viewed as “the mastermind” behind an historic 15-year fight to recover billions of dollars in defaulted debt from the government of Argentina. That campaign, which included the court-approved seizure of an Argentinian Navy ship in Ghana with 200 people aboard in 2012, reached a successful conclusion in 2016. The Wall Street Journal reported that the settlement was worth $2.4 billion, a gain of roughly 10 to 15 times the original investment. The New York Times reported that the return was “392 percent on the original value of the bonds.” The Financial Times said the settlement “is seen as one of the greatest hedge fund trades” in history.

Jay was born in New York City. He received his B.A. in Economics from Yale University in 1973, and a J.D. from Columbia University in 1976.

Undermoney is the first of three books in a series that Jay is developing. Undermoney has been described by author Nelson DeMille as “a groundbreaking, unconventional, and wildly entertaining peek behind the curtain of American politics, financial skullduggery, and high-stakes global conflict.” Author Lee Child called Undermoney “essential reading - makes your heart beat faster, like a thriller should, but also teaches you something big, which most thrillers don't.”

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Brilliantly told and filled with jaw-dropping action and unforgettable characters,

Undermoney offers a savage look at the secret lives of the world’s richest people.